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Light Pole Banners Weather Wicked Canada Storm

"When the high winds blew, the hardware stayed strong, proving that they’re the best-selling bracket for a real-world reason."
Banner Saver Brackets Winter Storm
Canada Winter Storm

Photo credit: Regina Leader-Post


Based in Regina, Sleek Advertising, is a large printing company that also offers durable, BannerSaver™ light pole brackets to customers looking for maximum wind-spilling protection to prolong the life of their banners. In January, the city experienced one of the strongest, winter-wind storms ever recorded. Icy gusts reportedly topped 88 miles per hour.


The storm packed a costly wallop for those Sleek customers who chose standard brackets instead of BannerSaver to display their advertising. Lost and torn banners that needed replacing were the result, according to Sleek’s CEO, Carl Weger. In contrast, no calls for help came from customers using wind-tunnel tested, BannerSaver brackets. The unique, spring-loaded hanging hardware was engineered to withstand wind speeds in excess of 90 miles per hour.


“The storm was no match for our BannerSaver mounts,” said Weger. “The units remained unscathed. Unfortunately, most of my other clients that went with the budget brackets lost all of their banners.” Regina’s mighty storm put BannerSaver brackets to the ultimate, real-world test. When the high winds blew, the hardware stayed strong​—protecting customers’ banner investment and ​proving that they’re the best-selling bracket for a real-world reason.

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