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BannerSaver™ Set

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BannerSaver Standard Kit
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  • Starting at $180.00

SLASH LIGHT POLE LIABILITY, LABOR COSTS, AND PROLONG THE LIFE OF YOUR BANNERS. BannerSaver™ is the only banner hanging hardware in the world with the hard data proving it’s the best. Ingeniously engineered and wind-tunnel tested to withstand NWS-rated, tornado-force winds, our patented, tough-as-nails system has changed the conversation around banner hanging hardware.


  • Spills 87% of wind (compared to 25% for other systems)
  • Reduces stress on light poles and banners
  • Cuts light pole liability and boosts your banner ROI
  • Decreases installation labor and changeout costs for damaged banners
  • Accommodates any size/dimension banner
  • Attaches to walls or any size pole, flat-side or round
  • 15-year warranty


Bracket Size

Banner Width (inches)


Six (6) bands needed per BannerSaver Set.

We Recommend:(6)


Four (4) bands needed per BannerSaver Set.

We Recommend:(4)


Needed for heavy banding.

  • $180.00 /set


Use our BannerSaver™ Advisor Tool to build your set.

BannerSaver™ Advisor Tool

The size BannerSaver™ you need is determined by the square footage of your banner. Use the following specifications when determining which BannerSaver™ bracket you need:

  • Standard – For Banners Up To 20 Sq. Ft.
  • Large - For Banners Up To 23 Sq. Ft.
  • Extra Large - For Banners Up To 30 Sq. Ft.
Material: Aluminum
Sizes: Standard, Large, & Extra-Large
Warranty: 15 year
Dimensions: Standard: Height 6.9" Width 3.3" Spring Length 7.3", Large: Height 7" Width 3.3" Spring Length 8.7", XL: Height 9.3" Width 4.5" Spring Length 9.4"

Unused BannerSaver brackets can be returned with a 15% restocking fee. Returns are not accepted on either Standard or Heavy Banding.

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