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Art Requirements

Art Requirements

Understanding that image size and resolution can be tricky, we’ve put together our recommendations for optimal printing. For further questions, do not hesitate to contact us to help setup your files correctly and prevent printing delays!

Proofing Tips

Reference: Include a pdf proof as a visual along with your print file
Zoom In: View print file at full size to verify quality
Size: Double check that the sizing of your art file matches what was ordered
Proofread: Spell-check all text


Art Creation at 10% Scale:
1.) Convert Feet to Inches (8’ = 96”)
2.) Divide by 10 to get 10% (96” —> 9.6”)

0.25” per side unless specified otherwise

Britten Templates:
Can be opened in Adobe Illustrator for easy use!

Image Resolution

Full Size – 72* DPI

10% Scale – 720 DPI
*Smaller prints (4” or less) may require higher than 72 DPI for resolution


Color Mode:
Create artwork in CMYK mode for print

Color Matching:
Use Pantone CP colors for vector graphics Match Prints are recommended for images to meet color expectations

File Format

packaged .ai or .indd
(all links and fonts included)

.pdf .eps .psd .tif .jpg

Not reliable for high quality print:
.png .gif .bmp Microsoft Office

Non-Adobe Programs:
Corel, QuarkXpress, etc – must be exported as a high quality .pdf for print


Include all font files with your art files

Outline all text to avoid complications

File Submission

Britten FTP, WeTransfer, DropBox

Alternate: CD, DVD, Thumb Drive

Art Templates

Use the below menu to select and download a template in order to frame your art.