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About Us

NOBO BannerSaver brackets & banners in our hometown of Traverse City, Michigan.

the world’s best pole banner hanging hardware.

BannerSaver is the world’s original and leading performance banner bracket. Engineered and proven to make outdoor advertising banners last longer, this advanced spring-loaded bracket system has been wind tunnel-tested to spill 87% of NWS-rated, tornado-force winds.

In high wind, the spring-loaded, wind-release bracket rotates to reduce stress on banners and poles. When the wind dies down, the banners return to their original position.

The only banner hanging hardware in the world with the hard data proving it’s the best, BannerSaver has been specified by city engineers in six continents. This patented technology reduces light pole liabilities, as well as maintenance and repair costs. Additionally, city banner programs can be executed with ease due to quick and easy change-outs.


Prompt & friendly. Fast quotes. Two-day shipping.


Intelligently engineered to protect banners & light poles


Nobody knows pole banner programs and brackets better

meet the team.

Dave Taylor of the BannerSaver Team.

Dave Taylor

Director of BannerSaver

Since 2005, Dave Taylor has spread the word about BannerSaver to hundreds of DDAs, city managers, sign shops, and agencies all across North America and beyond. New York. Atlanta. Las Vegas. Toronto. London. Roughly 652,173 units sold and serving customers on every continent except Antarctica. Whether you need technical specifications or advice on starting a banner program that produces revenue year-round, Dave is always on standby and ready to help.

Samantha Brown from the BannerSaver team.

Samantha Brown

BannerSaver Project Manager

Taking care of the details and helping customers get their projects across the finish line—Samantha Brown makes sure every BannerSaver customer enjoys exceptional service. Sometimes this means kindly answering questions in a timely manner. Other times it means heading onto the production floor to triple check an order or help package a shipment to ensure it arrives even better than expected. Sam see every customer as a unique individual and treats you as such.