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Light Pole Banner Program Boosts City of Austin

Banner Saver brackets holding custom banners on Austin, Texas streetlights.
Banner Saver spring-loaded brackets and custom printed banners for an Austin, Texas event.
Banner Saver bracket system holding custom banners outside of an iconic theater in Austin, Texas.

Light Pole Banner Program Boosts City of Austin



In 2012, city officials wanted to create a light pole banner program that would promote their vibrant area, showcase their hundreds of events, and communicate important messaging to their residents and visitors. They relied on Britten’s experienced BannerSaver™ team to develop a complete program with wind-spilling bracket hardware that would protect banners from severe weather and help boost the city’s identity.


Explaining bracket specifications. Discussing wind load requirements. Planning installation.  BannerSaver designed a custom strategy with 200 wind-spilling brackets tactfully placed on lampposts throughout popular corridors and districts. Local businesses, non-profit organizations, and community members then rent the light poles from the city to display promotional and directional signage. 

Banner saver brackets and custom banners lining the streets in Austin.
Banner saver brackets and custom banners advertising an event on a street light.
Custom banner saver bracket systems holding custom banners on a street light.


“The program is huge. The brackets house over 1,000 colorful banners each year—at times, we’ve had no available light poles,” says Lauren Seyda, Street Banner Program Coordinator. “BannerSaver helped us build our city’s identity and eliminated our concerns about long-term banner maintenance. Most importantly, our customers know that their banners will always look great, no matter the weather.”

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