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Goodwill Northern Michigan

How a local non-profit uses BannerSaver™ to build community awareness and support for their initiative to prevent homelessness.


The five-county region surrounding Traverse City—the economic/population hub of Northwest Lower Michigan—has an affordable housing shortage that was made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic, and significantly impacted the community's most vulnerable population: people experiencing homelessness. About 250 unhoused families and individuals in this rural-urban area are currently seeking shelter in temporary emergency shelter, wooded areas, in their cars, in tents, or on city streets.

In a place where the average annual snowfall measures over 100 inches, this already precarious existence only worsens in winter. Seeking to bring attention to the problem and the work of ending homelessness, the nonprofit Northwest Michigan Coalition to End Homelessness chose November—National Homeless Awareness Month—to launch a city-wide campaign.

In cooperation with Goodwill Northern Michigan (GWNMI), the Coalition chose BannerSaver brackets and durable, custom banners (produced by parent company, Britten Inc.) as the most cost-effective way to maximize their charitable dollars and reach every resident/visitor traveling through the heart of this busy, resort town.

Light pole banner highlighting Goodwill Northern Michigan

“Traverse City has a really fantastic light pole banner program with BannerSaver. You can’t help but see them if you move around downtown. They can be festive, educational, and nice to look at. If you want to get the word about something locally, I think there’s no better bang for your buck.”

—Deb Lake, GWNMI Director of Communications

Banner that says Housing Ends Homelessness and bannersaver brackets
Street lined with light pole banners
Purple light pole banner


Light pole advertising campaigns deliver a striking and sensational form of public promotion. The repetition of color and messaging on every other streetlight ensures your message gets seen by every pedestrian and driver on heavily-trafficked routes.

BannerSaver delivers a one-stop shop for the best pole banners and hanging hardware in the industry. The patented spring-loaded action protects your banners throughout the lifetime of your campaign. For nonprofit groups trying to maximize every charitable dollar, there’s simply no better way to build community-wide awareness.

Infographic that says 30 bannersaver kits and banners, 3.3 million annual visitors, 133600 fulltime residents, 150 dollar cost per banner, 0.001 cent cost per impression

Need more help? The BannerSaver team is here to answer your questions. Please call at 833.667.2837 or drop us an email at info@bannersaver.com.

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