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BannerSaver™ Website Redesign

Originally posted by PRNewswire in a news release titled BannerSaver™ Website Redesign.

The world's most advanced wind-spilling light pole bracket gets a website overhaul--bannersaver.com

Streamlined navigation. Faster ordering. BannerSaver's newly designed and updated website is aesthetically pleasing and packs access to updated resources.

"Now you can find and order the right-size BannerSaver for your project with fewer clicks," says Director Dave Taylor. "The new site is more intuitive. There's also a new reseller portal, plus all the great old content—like our wind-tunnel test video that shows BannerSaver in action."

The new website delivers updated content on everything from banner maintenance tips to launching a city light pole banner program that generates revenue year-round.

"Patented BannerSaver™ has grown to become the most widely used and recommended by city engineers all over the world," says Taylor. "It's the only spring-loaded bracket that's been wind-tunnel tested and proven to prolong the life of banners, reduce maintenance, repair costs and light pole liability."


  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Spills 87% of wind (compared to 25% for other systems)
  • Proven to reduce stress on light poles and banners
  • Decreases installation labor and changeout costs for damaged banners
  • Accommodates any size/dimension banner
  • Attaches to walls or any size pole, flat-side or round
  • 10-year warranty

Engineered to make light pole banners last longer, easier to install and change out, BannerSaver is used in cities throughout America and on six continents.

BannerSaver™ new home page design
BannerSaver™ new home page design
BannerSaver™ new product page design
BannerSaver™ new customer zone page design