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Revamping Interlochen's Light Pole Banner Displays


In early 2021, school executives found that their campus’ street posts and pole banners were deteriorating and could not stand up to the region’s unpredictable climate. They called on the experts at BannerSaver™, and parent company, Britten, Inc., to help revamp their displays with wind-spilling bracket hardware and durable light pole banners.

BannerSaver Brackets with a custom banner for Interlochen Arts Academy.
BannerSaver light post banner brackets holding cusotm banners lining a busy road.
BannerSaver lamp post banner bracket mechanism.


BannerSaver connected Interlochen with one of the top light pole manufacturers in the country, and advised on the best light post options. With the new poles installed, sales reps surveyed the campus and worked with the maintenance team to determine the best type of bracket, banner material, and size for their application. The print crew took it from there, fabricating the first batch of light pole banners just in time for the center’s May graduation series.

BannerSaver brackets on a lamp post outside of Interlochen Arts Academy.
Interlochen Arts Academy welcome sign.
BannerSaver lamp post brackets holding a custom printed banner at Interlochen Arts Academy.


“In a very short amount of time, we received BannerSaver brackets and high-quality banners that do a great job of showcasing and highlighting our brand,” says one of Interlochen’s graphic designers, Michelle Hunt. “The entire process was so easy and we couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out. We know that our banners can withstand Northern Michigan’s weather, and we love that we won’t have to waste time adjusting them constantly.”