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Bannersaver Pole Banner Fabrication Guide

What to Do

18oz or 22oz One-Piece Double Sided Blockout
One-piece double-sided banners offer a range of benefits over two-piece, sewn-together counterparts. These banners are lighter in weight, which makes them easier to handle and install. The seamless design provides a more premium look, ensuring your banners maintain a polished and professional appearance from every angle.

2.5" Pole Pockets Top and Bottom

This pole pocket size is specifically designed to accommodate the diameter of the BannerSaver fiberglass arms. The 2.5" pockets ensure a snug and secure fit, providing stability and preventing the banner from sagging or becoming misaligned. This precise fit enhances the overall appearance of your display.

#2 Grommets Top and Bottom or All Four Corners

Grommets play a crucial role in securing your banners. Placing #2 grommets at the top and bottom, or in all four corners, allows you to zip-tie the banners to the safety pin, ensuring they stay firmly in place. This method of attachment prevents the banners from flapping in the wind and reduces the risk of damage, extending the life of your display.

Polyester Weave Thread

When it comes to stitching your banners, we use the strongest thread possible: polyester weave. This thread type is known for its durability and resistance to weathering, making it the ideal choice for outdoor banners. It ensures that your banners can withstand the elements without fraying or breaking apart.

Double Needle Lock Stitch

For maximum durability, we employ a double-needle lock stitch. This sewing method creates a strong, secure seam that can endure the stresses of outdoor conditions. The double needle lock stitch is more robust than other stitching methods, ensuring that your banners remain intact and look great for a longer period.

Webbing Can Be Added for Reinforced Pole Pockets

While not mandatory, adding webbing to reinforce pole pockets is highly recommended, especially in high-wind areas. Webbing provides additional strength and support, preventing the pole pockets from tearing or wearing out quickly. This reinforcement ensures that your banners stay securely attached and maintain their visual appeal, even in challenging weather conditions.

What not to Do

Avoid using wind-slits in your banners. While they might seem like a good idea to reduce wind resistance, they actually lead to premature and additional tearing due to added vibration. The BannerSaver spring mechanism needs the full surface area of the vinyl to release the tension on the spring, spilling the wind load away from the banner and the pole. Wind slits weaken the structural integrity of the banner, making it more susceptible to damage in strong winds.


Our extensive wind tunnel testing has proven mesh does not provide the wind-spilling capability needed. Also, mesh materials do not offer the same level of visual impact and can detract from the overall appearance of your display. Stick with solid, durable materials to ensure your banners make a strong and lasting impression.

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