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BannerSaver™ helps St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church

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St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church sought to rejuvenate and elevate their branding to new heights. Previously, the church's pole banners suffered from outdated designs and were constantly incurring damage despite their low placement on parking lot poles, a necessity due to the low-quality static brackets and the challenge of high winds in Wichita, KS. This situation called for a modern, resilient, durable solution to showcase their evolving brand image.


In pursuit of a fresh logo and brand identity, the church discovered BannerSaver's spring-loaded banner bracket system. This innovative product enabled the installation of larger, more eye-catching pole banners at a higher elevation in their parking lot, making them visible to both congregation members and passersby alike. The BannerSaver pole banner bracket system not only aligned with their goal to present a new brand image but also solved the persistent issue of wind-related damage.

"With BannerSaver, our banners are not only larger and placed higher, but also remain secure and vibrant despite Wichita's notorious high winds. It's a significant upgrade in both aesthetics and functionality." – St. Thomas Staff


Thanks to BannerSaver, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church has transformed its approach to outdoor branding. The new, elevated banners are not only safeguarded against the wind, but also provide a platform for seasonal messaging throughout the year, including welcoming visitors and celebrating key events like Christmas, Easter, the 4th of July, and the Fall season. Jen McMahon, the program coordinator, highlighted the dual benefit of this investment: enhanced visibility and durability. "It's high-impact spending that has significantly upgraded our program's quality and longevity," she noted.

"The customer service has been exceptional. Immediate responses and comprehensive support made the process seamless, addressing all of our queries with patience and expertise." – St. Thomas Staff

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