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BannerSaver™ Flies High for Florida Tech

Florida Tech Banner Saver Row 1
Florida Tech Banner Saver Double
Florida Tech Banner Saver Campus Shot

Florida Institute of Technology/JULY 2022/MELBOURNE, FL

Florida Institute of Technology has a legacy of training their eyes to the sky. Founded in 1958 with an initial focus on instructing space program professionals, the institution has since broadened its educational offerings but has retained its lofty ambitions. Located in Melbourne, FL this STEM oriented university welcomed back returning students and ushered in incoming freshmen with a new vision on their local horizon. Adorning the campus in school crimson and accent gold were dozens of pole banners, held fast by BannersSaver™ hardware.

A repeat client, Florida Tech has relied on Britten print to refresh their aspiring looks and has counted on BannerSaver™ to protect their current (and future) presentations. Designed to spill winds and tested to endure up to 90 mile per hour winds, BannerSaver™ brackets have helped keep FIT signage held aloft for the long haul. For this recent refresh, print produced several variations of banners, each ascribing to the culture, history, and inspiration of the university. These updates featured images of Pete the Panther backdropped on school crimson, bold official lettering and logo, and an inspiring message “Making History, Shaping the Future,” befitting their school motto Ad Astra Per Scientiam— “To the stars through science.” Also in charge of coordinating the installation of these new pole banners, Britten and the BannerSaver team made sure that FTU was ready for school. Strategically situated around the visible perimeter of campus, these durable banners proudly display the values of the Florida Institute of Technology and serve as an inspiration to students and an invitation to visitors and potential undergrads alike!

Florida Tech Banner Saver One School
Florida Tech Banner Saver Double School