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7 Common Banner Install Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Two Men Work Together to Install Bannersaver Bracket
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1. Incorrect banding installation

Use standard banding for round poles. Use heavy-duty banding for square or wooden poles, and BannerSaver Large or XL installations. Heavy-duty banding needs to wrap around the pole twice.

2. Not enough banding

Standard banding needs three (3) bands per bracket (six (6) bands per set). Heavy banding needs two (2) bands per bracket (four (4) bands per set).

Banding heavy duty
Banding tool

3. Not tight enough banding

Ensure banding is tensioned appropriately. The tighter the grip, the better the bracket will perform. Heavy-duty banding requires a banding tool for installation.

4. The pole is not wide enough

Ensure pole sizes are 4" or greater. If under 4", consider a bolt installation method. Otherwise the bracket will just twist around the pole.

5. Using only one BannerSaver bracket

Be sure to use BannerSaver brackets on both top and bottom of the banner. Using only one spring-loaded bracket paired with a static bracket will not provide ultimate wind-spilling performance.

6. Installing the brackets too close together

Utilize our installation videos on best practices. Our "top-down" approach will ensure the brackets are the perfect distance apart to allow appropriate banner tension.

7. Installing the spring upside down

The top bracket spring is located on the top. The bottom bracket should have the spring on the bottom.